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Emotional Wellbeing Annual Subscription Programme

Welcome to the Making Me ‘Annual Subscription Programme’ which has been developed to follow the initial, Year 1 implementation of the Emotional Wellbeing Programme. We have selected elements of our core workshops to ensure the benefits of our Programme will be embedded on an ongoing basis as cohorts of children move through the school. In addition, as you welcome new staff and children, they will have access to the same learning and support and the rest of the school community to share the learning. The subscription includes:

Staff Induction Videos

  • The theory behind the Programme: Liz Fordham, founder and CEO of Making Me shares the theory behind the Programme – why it is needed and the academic basis behind the development of the resources. Liz outlines the neurological process of emotional deregulation, explaining some general principles necessary to support children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.


  • A guide to using our resources: Helen Gavin, our School Engagement Manager, talks through the resources, assemblies and workshops in the Programme and how to use them most effectively. This video is useful for new staff and as a reminder for anyone who needs a refresh.

Please see appendix 1 to access these videos    

Resilience Workshops

  • As children move through the school, we meet their need for age-appropriate Resilience Workshops; one of our team will come and deliver a 90 minute ‘My Superpower of Resilience’ workshop for all children who have moved up into year 3 and a ‘My Resilience Resources’ for all children who move into year 5 – these workshops are included in your subscription.

Please contact Helen Gavin to book your workshops.

Year 6 Wellbeing Workshop

  • This workshop examines why we need to care for our mental health, just as we care for our physical health and how to support good mental wellbeing and what having difficulties means, why it happens and how we can help one another. The workshop also explores how we can manage our stress; what stress and anxiety are, what happens to our body when we feel stressed and what we can do to help ourselves to take back control.
  • To benefit the children in Year 6, we aim to deliver this workshop ahead of SATs in the summer term.

One of our team will come and deliver this workshop – please contact Helen Gavin to arrange a date and time.

Moving On Assembly

  • As the school year draws to a close, one of our team will deliver this assembly for primary school children in year 6 and lower school children in year 4 in preparation for the transition to their next school. The children are reminded of the strategies they have learnt to stay mentally and emotionally well and how to help resource themselves when faced with challenges as they move forward.

Again, please email Helen to book in your assembly.

Children’s Mental Health Week & Anti-Bullying Week Resources

We offer resources for Children’s Mental Health Week in February and Anti- Bullying Week in November, to remind children of the strategies they have learnt to support their wellbeing.

There will be downloadable resources for the children and a video to play in assembly or in the classroom.

Please see appendix 2 to access these videos