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Headteachers’ Comments

“We feel very lucky to have benefitted from the brilliant ideas and support that Making Me can offer schools…The team are positive, enthusiastic and true champions of child wellbeing. The initial training is thorough, empowering and provides a clear purpose of what can happen if you embrace the Making Me materials…We would highly recommend working with Making Me to develop emotional literacy in your school”.  Brickhill Primary School  

The training engages staff in considering the way the brain responds to emotional stress and how children can be supported to cope. Several said it was the best training they had ever had”.  Camestone School

“This programme has the ability to transform a school’s approach to managing pupil behaviour and developing their wellbeing and resilience”.   Sutton VA Lower School

“The children use KIPSY, daily, to express their feelings and conversations with staff support their ability to make a positive start to the day, regardless of how they have entered the school”.  Shortstown Primary School

 “As well as emotional literacy, as a federation, we have identified that resilience amongst our older children is a skill that is so necessary for the pressures of modern life, transition to secondary school and lifelong learning”.   Yardley Hastings Primary School

 “Liz and her team have made a significant difference to how we, as a school, and our children are able to talk constructively about mental health”.   Bedford School (Prep)

 “The programme…gives a common language for our whole community to use. It supports children to become emotionally resilient and to have a forum to express their feelings in a safe and nurturing atmosphere”.   Cranfield Church of England Academy