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Making Me Payment Policy

Workshop Training:

Facilitators will be paid for training time which may be claimed once they have been ‘signed off’ and sole delivered their fifth workshop.

The Charity’s facilitator training rate is £10 per hour (pro-rata) as follows:

  • Organised sessions required to observe and co-deliver a workshop will be paid.
  • Self-training using the online training videos to be ‘Workshop Ready’ will be unpaid.

The delivery for the ‘sign off’ workshop is:

  • Paid if the standard is reached.
  • Unpaid if the standard is not reached.

We recommend, therefore, that you spend as much time as possible learning the workshop material before you self-certify to be assessed as ‘Workshop Ready’.

The first payment claim should include the first sole workshop delivery and backdated training time.

Full Workshop Delivery:

Once fully ‘signed off’ for sole delivery of any workshop, payment is as follows:

  • £15 for each hour spent delivering the workshops and £7.50 for each full half hour.

Travel Expenses:

  • Travel time to workshops will be paid at £10 per hour or part thereof


  • Fuel allowance will be paid for travel to and from schools only. Facilitators and the School Support Team will be required to organise/provide their own transport and each driver may claim a fuel allowance of 25p per mile for any travel in excess of 10 miles per day in order to provide the services the Charity. All other costs and expenses incurred are not the responsibility of the Charity unless otherwise agreed in advance. Wherever possible, we would ask for a lift-share arrangement to keep travel costs to a minimum.


The Charity welcomes all team members at relevant meetings as follows:

  • Formal meetings attendance will be paid at a rate of £10 per hour
  • Attendance at informal meetings / get-togethers is voluntary and unpaid.

DBS Certificate:

As stipulated in Charity Safeguarding Policy, all Facilitators must have a Making Me enhanced DBS certificate. The Charity requests that Facilitators pay for their own certificate during their training period and request re-imbursement upon completion of their fifth sole workshop delivery.


Please submit a payment form to the Chief Operating Officer at the beginning of each month, setting out all costs for workshop / school visit hours worked, travel time in hours and fuel allowance / mileage undertaken on behalf of the Charity during the preceding month.